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Venture capital withdraws from crypto in Q3, however, not all is bad: Report By Cointelegraph

However, crypto is losing its appeal to venture capital in Q3, but that’s not all bad news: The Report

In 2022, it’s no surprise that most assets are in a bear market. People have a variety of signals they look for when determining a good time to enter the market, and Cointelegraph Research’s Venture Capital Report for Q2 It was revealed that VC inflows remained stagnant at just over $14 billion in the last quarter, the same level as Q1.

Cointelegraph Research examines the latest Venture Capital Report for Q3. The number of deals also declined to 338 for the entire quarter, compared with Q2’s 621. Despite this grim picture of the blockchain industry, there are still positive signs after looking at all the data.

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