According to Georgieva, the IMF’s Georgieva estimates that Ukraine’s external financing needs could exceed $5 billion per month.

© Stocksak. Kristalina Georgieva is the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director. She walks in front of a conference on the post-war reconstruction and Ukraine in Berlin, Germany. October 25, 2022. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi

WASHINGTON, (Stocksak). Ukraine’s monthly external financing needs will be about $3 billion per month from 2023 in a worst case scenario. However it could rise to $5 billion if Russian bombardment becomes “even more severe,” Kristalina Georgieva (Managing Director of IMF) said.

The International Monetary Fund has been working with Ukrainian authorities in order to help define and execute its macroeconomic policies.

She said that the IMF was also working to create a full-fledged IMF lending program for Ukraine.

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