U.S. autos sales will rise in October due to improved supply chains

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(Stocksak). U.S. auto retail sales are forecast to rise in October due to supply chain snags being eased. This will make more vehicles available at dealerships amid greater demand, according a J.D. industry report. On Wednesday, Power and LMC Automotive were shown.

A rise in vehicle inventories has boosted sales activity in the United States at an era when consumers are more willing to spend money to own a vehicle.

Customers have not been affected by higher vehicle prices or a lack of incentives and discounts from automakers. They have been taking advantage strong demand and tight inventory.

“Even with a slight increase in inventory,” the report stated. It also noted that strong demand continues to allow manufacturers maintain a low level discounting. The average transaction price of new vehicles is expected reach record levels in October.

The report indicated that retail sales of new vehicles will rise 12.1% to 1,008,200 units by October compared to a year ago.

The October seasonally adjusted annualized rate of total new vehicle sales is expected at 15.0 million units. This is an increase of 1.8 million units over 2021, according to the J.D. The Power-LMC Automotive report revealed.

Thomas King, president, J.D.’s data analytics division, said that although production has shown some improvement, it is unlikely to be enough for material sales events. Power.

King indicated that profitability and per unit pricing could suffer as rising interest rates make it more difficult to afford.

According to the report, total new-vehicle purchases in October, including retail transactions and non-retail transactions are expected to reach 1,157,000. That’s a 15.2% increase compared to October 2021.

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