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TON Outperforms Crypto Market Following a 40+% Price Rise in 1 Week by CoinEdition

After a 40+% price rise in 1 week, TON outperforms Crypto Market
  • TON currently trades at $1.83 following a 20.77% price increase.
  • Toncoin was able to outperform BTC and ETH.
  • There is still bullish momentum for TON.

Toncoin (TON), has outperformed most major cryptocurrencies. TON has seen a price increase exceeding 40% in the last seven days, despite crypto market underperformance.

According to CoinMarketCap data, TON is currently trading for $1.83. This follows a 20.77% rise in price over the past 24 hours. Over the same time, the crypto traded at a low of $1.50 as well as a high of 1.92.

TON was also able strengthen against the two largest cryptocurrencies on the market (ETH and BTC) by approximately 12.45% and 4.68%, respectively. TON’s 24-hour trading volume is also turning heads as it is currently up over 200% to stand at $37,477,217

TON is the 30th largest cryptocurrency in terms market capitalization, with a market value of $2,219766,213. Algorand, (ALGO), is in the 29th and BCH in the 31st positions.

Daily chart for TONCOIN/USD Source : CoinMarketCap

The daily chart for TONCOIN/USD shows that the price of the coin has slightly retraced after hitting the resistance level at $2.00. Bullish momentum is still present due to the fact that the 9 EMA is positioned above 20 EMA.

Investors should be aware that the daily RSI line slopes towards the oversold territory. This is a bearish flag investors need to consider when entering long positions on TON within the next two to 3 days.

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