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SPX, DXY by Cointelegraph

Price analysis 10/21 SPX, DXY and ETH, BNB. XRP, ADA. SOL. DOGE. MATIC

The stock market in the United States rose at its highest level since 2008. This type of rally is usually bad for risky assets. However the U.S. stock exchanges recovered ground after the Wall Street Journal reported about some Federal Reserve officials were concerned Concerning the rate of rate increases and the risk of over-tightening.

Although it is widely believed that the U.S. would enter recession, it is still up for debate how long. Tesla (NASDAQ: CEO) has some words of wisdom. Recently, Elon Musk made a Twitter statement. that the recession could last “probably until spring of ‘24,” and added that it would be nice to spend “one year without a horrible global event.”

Daily cryptocurrency market performance. Source: Coin360