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Reddit NFT trading volume at all-time high, wallet holders close to 3 million By Cointelegraph

Reddit NFT trading volume reaches all-time high as wallet holder near 3,000,000

According to data Provided The trading volume of Reddit avatars that are nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has exceeded $1.5million in the last 24 hours according to Polygon Analytics and Dune Analytics. The increase represents over one-third of the collection’s cumulative trading volume of $4.1 million since launch. Reddit NFTs’ daily sales volume reached a new record of 3,780 digital collectibles.

Reddit avatars are created independently by artists and are minted with NFTs on the Blockchain Polygon. Users can purchase such collectibles on Vault, Reddit’s cryptocurrency wallet. These collectibles can be worn and displayed as profile photos when users post content to the popular social media platform.