Stocksak: Power cut after Ukrainian infrastructure is hammered again Saturday

KYIV (Stocksak). – Critical infrastructure in Ukraine was hit by more than a dozen Russian rockets on Saturday, according to the Ukrainian air force. Several regions reported strikes on energy facilities or power outages.

According to the Ukrainian air force command, 33 missiles were fired at Ukraine on Saturday morning. 18 of them were destroyed.

Since Oct. 10, Russia launched a series dreadful attacks on Ukraine’s power infrastructure. They have already hit at least half of its thermal energy generation and as high at 40% of the whole system.

Local officials from Ukraine reported strikes on energy facilites, power outages, and other issues as engineers tried to repair the damaged network. Some advised residents to keep water on hand in case of cut-offs.

After the first wave missiles struck early in the morning, the national air raid sirens rang once more at 11.15 AM local time (0815 GMT).

Ukrenergo, a state grid operator, stated that the attacks were on transmission infrastructure in west Ukraine. However, power supply restrictions were being placed in ten areas across the country, including Kyiv.

Ukrenergo wrote, “The scale and potential damage (between October 10-12)” on Telegram. This refers to the first wave attacks on Ukraine’s power grid last week.

“Another missile attack by terrorists fighting against civilian infrastructures and people,” Andriy Yarmak, the chief of staff for the Ukrainian president, wrote in a Telegram post.

Andriy Nyebytov of the local police said that Ukrainian forces destroyed a Russian missile above the Kyiv area. He posted a photograph showing a column of smoke rising out of a forest where he claimed the missile’s remains had landed.

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