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A potential ban in the USA is a reminder that influencers need to dump TikTok by Cointelegraph

A potential US ban is a reminder to influencers that they should dump TikTok

Influencers are scrambling to comply with a proposal from a member of United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If the FCC does not enforce the ban, TikTok creators may lose their fanbases or revenue streams.

Web3 is often viewed as a challenge by many people, including digital content creators and influencers. It’s notable that Web3 is being adopted by many who are reluctant to accept it. Since they’ve mastered monetization on popular Web2 platforms such as TikTok, Twitch and others, why bother learning the rules of a new game?

Mark Soares Blokhaus is the chief marketing officer and founder of Blokhaus. Blokhaus supports global activities for Tezos’ blockchain ecosystem. He was previously general manager of marketing & communications at Nikon (OTC) Inc. where he oversaw branding and product marketing.

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