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Microsoft CEO Pokes Meta’s Metaverse, Calls It Poorly Built Game By CoinEdition

© Stocksak. Microsoft CEO Pokes Meta’s Metaverse, Calls It Poorly Built Game
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ:) CEO Phil Spencer pokes at Meta’s Metaverse during the WSJ Tech Live Conference.
  • Spencer calls Facebook’s metaverse a poorly built video game.
  • Meta had been mocked by tech giants like Walt and Snap in the past. Disney (NYSE:).

CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, took a dig at Meta’s metaverse vision. At the WSJ Tech Live conference, Spencer described the metaverse as “a poorly built video game.”

Meta, in its branding from Facebook (NASDAQ.:) last yea, placed emphasis on its metaverse, an area that allows users to socialize with friends and work with colleagues. Spencer appears to disagree with the metaverse’s work aspect.

Spencer said that he went into more detail about the appearances and features in the metaverse.

Video game designers have a unique ability to create worlds we love to spend time in. For me, building a metaverse that looks like a meeting room… I just find that’s not where I want to spend most of my time

Spencer is not alone in his opposition to the idea of the metaverse. Spencer is not the only one. Similar sentiments were expressed by earlier. Snap Inc (NYSE:). CEO Evan Spiegel and Apple’s marketing chief Greg Joswiak.

The Walt Disney Co’s CEO, Bob Chapek, claimed the company avoided the term “metaverse” because it is “a big, broad term. For us, it’s next-generation storytelling.”

Spencer has some reservations but believes the concept has merit. “I tease a little bit in [stating that it’s] It’s a bad videogame. I just think we’re early,” he said, pointing out that the metaverse could look more like video games in the future than some of the current models.

Microsoft has already started to discuss the metaverse for its own purposes. Microsoft had indicated earlier that it would acquire Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ 🙂 to provide the building blocks for the new metaverse.

Despite Meta’s promises, its VR worlds are yet to be convincing. Meta employees barely use Horizon Worlds, and Mark Zuckerberg’s widely mocked avatar selfie has not helped either.

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