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DailyCoin Review: Learn about Bitcoin (BTC), Mining with Play-to Earn Games: A Review

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Blockchain technology has seen a rise in popularity. Play-to earn games allow players to earn real-world benefits. Some platforms offer learning opportunities through gaming in addition to the in-game rewards.

In 2022, mining continues to be extremely profitable. Bitcoin miners mine around $20 million USD per day, which is approximately $600 million each month. With Bitcoin’s mining difficulty increasing by as much as 9% per week, it is likely that the number of miners trying to capture a portion of those funds is also steadily growing.

Although crypto mining is relatively simple if you have the right hardware it will still require skills and a good understanding of blockchain technology. Gamifying the learning process can be a great start point for anyone looking to gain a better understanding about crypto mining.

To see if our assumptions regarding games helping users learn about cryptocurrency mining are correct, we decided to look at a play–to-earn game that simulates crypto-mining. We decided to look at RollerCoin. The game is very popular in the mining simulator genre with 3 million users.

The Mining Simulation

RollerCoin requires players to solve real-world problems such as following cryptocurrency rates and calculating which coins are more profitable to mine.

Three concepts are the basis of game design. The first is “Network Power,” which refers to the combined mining power of all players. Second, each player has their own mining ability. This can be achieved by playing mini-puzzle-like games, participating at seasonal events, and buying mining machines.

The third is the ‘Mining Block.’ Every block has a fixed reward in crypto, which is divided between all players based on their mining power. The bigger the player’s mining power, the higher their share of a mining block.

RollerCoin, like all play-to earn games, also offers an in-game marketplace that allows gamers to trade their mining equipment to make extra income or to improve their mining facility. RLT is the internal game currency. The coins are created on the (ETH), blockchain and can be used for all in game purchases.

RollerCoin currently offers Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), DogeCoin [DOGE], (BNB], Polygon (MATIC) and recently added (SOL). To increase their future passive income, players have the option to withdraw crypto funds or to reinvest them at their mining facility.

How much income is realistic?

You can’t talk about “play-to-earn” games without looking at their real-world rewards. RollerCoin’s mechanics are based on mining power, so the main goal for the gamers is to raise the numbers of their facility’s mining power (hash power) to ensure more significant rewards.

There are two ways to increase your power: one is to buy miners and the other is to play the games. But there’s a catch. A player can buy a new miner and add permanent power to their facility. The miner can work even when the player is offline. This is a costly investment.

Players can also add power by playing games. This power can only be used for 24 hours. Gamers must play every day to keep their mining power stable.

According to the Rollercoin earnings calculator, 1,000PH (hashpower) is equivalent in value to $0.3 per Day. In other words, players who have a consistent mining power of 1000PH each day will receive $0.3 per daily. Unfortunately, reaching 1000PH can be more difficult than it seems. It takes approximately 20 hours to get 1000PH.

The Flipside

  • Experts believe that the current economic model of play-to-earn is not sustainable and likely to fail. Some play-to–earn models depend on a steady stream, or pyramid-like, of new players. The older players in the game make their earnings based on how many newcomers bring in.

Why you should care

The development of blockchain technology has led to the rise of play-to earn gaming. It is an integral component of the metaverse as well as the new digital economies which are developing in the digital space.

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