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Crypto hostility is making Japan lose its place as the global gaming capital. By Cointelegraph

Crypto hostility is causing Japan to lose its position as the world’s leading gaming country.

A marked hostility toward new and emerging Web3 technologies like cryptocurrencies runs the risk of costing Japan its place as the world’s gaming capital. We’re getting dangerously close to the point of no return, and here’s why.

Nobody can be sure where the country’s antagonism to crypto originated or why it still persists even after the nonfungible token (NFT) and crypto “boom” of 2021, which took off in a major global way and prompted officials in the United States and Europe to backtrack on their initial antipathy for the space, finally opening up to regulations. The White House just released their First crypto regulatory framework In September 2022, and in October 2022, by the European Parliament Committee. Approving the Markets in Crypto-Assets framework Also known as MiCA (Massive Crypto Accounts), the vote was overwhelming. The much-discussed MiCA text, which was the first European crypto policy is a significant step in the direction many believe will lead to the financial future.

Shinnosuke “Shin” Murata Murasaki is the founder of blockchain games developer Murasaki. He joined Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & 2014 doing automotive finance and trading in Malaysia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. He left Mitsui in 2014 to join Jiraffe, a second-year start up. He was the company’s first sales representative. Later, he joined STVV, a Belgian soccer club, as its chief operational officer and helped create a community token. Murasaki was founded in The Netherlands by him in 2019.

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