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CoinEdition: How ETH founder inspired 3 Meme Coins This Week with More Than $1M Cap

3 Meme Coins This Week With Over $1M Cap: How ETH Founder Inspires
  • The creator of has sparked creation of the third cryptocurrency this week.
  • Buterin suggested conditional burnings as a countermeasure against Twitter spam bots.
  • The market cap for shitcoin is over $1 million, and it has increased by 3,888% in 24 hours.

Vitalik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum) is currently having an Elon Musk-like impact on the crypto community, sparking a trove mem tokens.

Yesterday’s tweet by Buterin suggested conditional fires to counter the Twitter spam bots. He argued that if the recipient of a message is unhappy with a user’s response to them, they should have the authority to force the user to burn a fictional token X.

His comments were in response to a proposal from Sam Bankman Fried (SBF), CEO of the crypto exchange FTX. SBF suggested that social media messages be hosted on-chain and that communications fees be charged to discourage spam bots.

A blockchain developer launched two X tokens not long after the idea-sharing session. One on the Ethereum chain, the other on Binance (BSC). Interestingly, the most enthusiasm was attracted to the coin on ETH network.

According to DEXTOOLS, X-ETH’s market cap has surpassed $1 million and has increased by 3,888% in just 24 hours. However, the BSC token is experiencing difficulties, having dropped by 74.59% and only $262 market cap.

The meme tokens THE (inspired by Ethereum founder) and Die (inspired by him) were launched this week. Vitalik Buterin brought some excitement back to the crypto industry with the launch of X. None of the three meme currencies have made it to any major crypto exchange.

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