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Hashed CEO states mental illness for not attending Terra enquiry by CoinEdition

Hashed CEO States Mental Illness for Not Attending Terra Enquiry
  • Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO Hashed, fails to attend the National Assembly
  • The assembly met to inquire about the Luna Terra incident.
  • He mentioned mental illness as the reason he was unable to attend the assembly.

Simon Seojoon Kim (CEO of VC Hashed South Korea) has cited mental illness to justify his refusal to testify in a legislative inquiry into LUNA. He said that ever since LUNA’s demise, he has experienced panic attacks and anxiety issues.

Kim was chosen for the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee in an inquiry into the Luna-Terra fall. Kim, however, didn’t attend the meeting, citing reasons for stress, and said that he needed stability.

FatMan responded to the news by arguing that Kim, who artificially inflated Anchor’s core interest and shilled its stability, is now refusing to turn up, stating mental illness.

Kim stated that he has been receiving psychotropic treatment since July 29th, and that his stress situation is worsening due to the medication. In the statement, he also stated that his symptoms are getting worse.

The Political Affairs Committee invited Shin Hyunseong (general manager of Tchaiholdco) and Kim Seojoon (CEO/CEO of Hashd) to testify during an investigation into the Terra/Luna incident on the 14th. Seojun, the CEO of Hashed made an early investment on Terra and Luna.

To support the situation he was in, he added a medical certificate as well as an expert opinion. Seo-Joon revealed Hashed had lost $3.6 Billion from its peak value in April, and that it possessed 30 MILLION LUNC tokens.

Terra CEO and co-founder Do Kwon was not identified as being investigated by Korea’s Political Affairs Committee, despite the fact that law enforcement agencies throughout the world are still looking for him.

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