Ex-ruler of Guinea was responsible for the stadium massacre -former aide By Stocksak

© Stocksak. FILEPHOTO – Guinea’s ex-President Moussa Dadis Camara is accused of being responsible for the mass murder and mass rape in 2009 of pro-democracy protesters. He is being tried in Conakry, Guinea, September 2nd.

CONAKRY (Stocksak), Monday, Moussa Dadis Camara, the ex-aide-de-camp to Guinea’s ex military ruler, told a court that Camara had ordered the massacre of more 150 people at the stadium in 2009.

President Dadis was responsible for all that happened at the stadium. It was the children of Kaleah, a military training camp, who descended onto the stadium,” stated Lieutenant Aboubacar SIDiki Diakite. Sometimes called “Toumba”

Camara has not yet provided evidence in the trial, which began on September 28. Camara previously denied any responsibility for the incident, and blamed Diakite and other errant troops.

Diakite, Camara and others are on trial for the massacre in Conakry on Sept. 28, 2009. Tens of thousands of people supporting democracy came out to press Camara to not stand for the presidency of Guinea the next year.

Many were beaten, stabbed, or killed by security forces who fired teargas and charged at the stadium. Prosecutors claim that at least 12 women were raped in the stadium by security forces.

Camara was shot in the head by Diakite during an assassination attempt later in the year. He claimed that he did so because Camara had blamed him for the massacre, which he repeated Monday.

Diakite provided details in his testimony about how the massacre was planned.

He stated that 250-300 new military recruits, some with machetes or knives, were brought to Conakry from Camara by people who wanted to infiltrate this demonstration.

Diakite claimed that he tried to convince Camara that the police and gendarmes should handle the situation as it was. But Camara was in a rage, and gave orders for his men to “crush the protesters.”

Camara is expected give his version of events when testifying in the coming days.

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