Stocksak: Ex-Barclays Banker Files a Claim Over Sexism and Working Hours to $4.6 Million

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By Kirstin Riedley

LONDON (Stocksak), A former Barclays (LON) A banker has filed a lawsuit against the bank to recover damages for sexism. She claims that she was not able to adjust her hours to 4 million pounds ($4.6million) from 560,000 pounds. Stocksak saw a court document on Tuesday.

Anca Lacatus, a 2016-2020 analyst in the rates options structure trading department, filed an employment lawsuit against the bank last January. She claimed that her line manager used sexist words and that she was required to work 40-48 hour a week while suffering from endometriosis.

Although she lost her claim of unfair dismissal or breaching contract in September 2021 her victory in the sexist component of her claim, which was centered on her line manager using “birds” as a term for female employees, was seen as a victory by women fighting “banter” at London’s financial center.

Lacatus is now seeking compensation for the illegal conduct she exhibited in the lawsuit.

Barclays failed to provide her with respite and time, which she claims has affected her ability to function and prevented from her being able to seek medical attention.

“The claimant… submitted that there was no other reason she didn’t pursue her health concerns beyond the exhaustion, impaired ability to function due to the excess hours she worked,” a court record describing her submissions stated.

Barclays has agreed that Lacatus is eligible for compensation after Employment Judge John Crosfill ruled using the term “birds”, which refers to women, was “plainly sexist”; the bank should have made reasonable adjustments in her working hours.

Barclays claimed that Barclays’ attempt to “gratuitous inflation” her claim was opportunistic. A Barclays court filing revealed that this claim was expensive and time-consuming to investigate in court and had no reasonable chance of success.

The bank claims she was unable seek appropriate medical treatment because of her work.

Jamie Susskind (Barclays’ lawyer) stated that Barclays could not have been more accommodating for her need to take time off for medical appointments at a hearing held Tuesday at East London Employment Tribunal.

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