Official: EU wants a 40-man antitrust unit to enforce new tech rules.

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By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS (Stocksak), Thursday, a EU official stated that the EU antitrust regulators are seeking to create a 40-man team as well as a technology expert to enforce strict new rules aimed to rein in Big Tech’s power.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), also known as Alphabet (NASDAQ) unit Google, Meta and Amazon (NASDAQ), Apple (NASDAQ), Microsoft (NASDAQ) and other gatekeepers that control access to their websites and data, outlines a list.

Stocksak exclusively reported July 1st that the European Commission was considering creating an additional directorate to address concerns about the difficulty of obtaining well-resourced and well-advised tech companies complying with the new rules.

Official said that a 12-man unit led by Thomas Kramler, an antitrust veteran, will be moving to the new directorate. This unit is currently responsible for the Apple and Amazon antitrust investigations. A taskforce of 9 people will also move to the new directorate.

According to the official, the EU competition enforcer plans to hire 19 more people to the directorate and a chief technological officer to focus on data.

Before it can be established, the new unit will need to be approved by the college of 27 EU commissioners in the coming weeks.

Enforcement of the DMA will take place in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, who has also established a new unit for this purpose.

The Commission previously stated that 80 enforcers were needed.

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