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Ethereum Rises 10% in a Green Day –

© Stocksak. Ethereum Rises 10% on a Green Day – The Index was trading at $1.469.10 on Tuesday at 13:00 GMT (17:00 GMT). This was an increase of 10.03%. It was the largest single-day percentage gain since July 27,

This upward movement saw Ethereum’s market capital rise to $172.90B, 18.08% of its total cryptocurrency market capital. Ethereum’s market capital was $569.58B at its highest.

In the last twenty-four hours, Ethereum traded in a range between $1,335.38 and $1,469.10

Ethereum has experienced a 7.75% increase in value over the past seven trading days. The total volume of Ethereum traded during the last 24 hours was $14.03B, or 25.79% of all cryptocurrency volumes. In the last 7 days, it traded in a range from $1,257.8270 up to $1,469.1044

Ethereum’s current price is still below its record high of $4864.06 on November 10, 2021.

And other cryptocurrency trading

The Index last saw the price of $19,928.0, an increase of 3.41%.

The Index Index saw the stock trade at $1.0002, a gain of 0.00%.

Bitcoin’s last market cap was $379.19B (39.65%) while Tether’s total market cap was $68.48B (7.16%) of the total cryptocurrency value.

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