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Crypto Staking Platform Freeway halts Withdrawals; States FatMan

Crypto Staking Platform Freeway Stops Withdrawals; States FatMan
  • Market volatility caused withdrawals to be halted at Freeway Crypto Staking Platform
  • FatMan accuses Freeway in a Ponzi scheme. He urges investors withdraw funds.
  • ‘We built it to create benefits and rewards for people’ says Founder Doggart.

Freeway, a UK-based platform for crypto staking, announced that withdrawals were halted due to volatility in crypto and forex markets.

FatMan, a crypto- and finance researcher, took the opportunity to tweet to inform the crypto-twitter network about Freeway stopping withdrawals.

FatMan, however, advised the crypto community to withdraw immediately before Freeway stopped withdrawals. FatMan warned users not to withdraw funds, but he stated:

I recommend that anyone with funds in the crypto yield platform Freeway withdraw them immediately. They are running a Ponzi scheme, according to me. In my opinion, it’s likely that Freeway will collapse within the next few months and that all depositors will lose everything

Notably, in a recent video posted to the company’s YouTube channel, Graham Doggart, one of Freeway’s founders explained:

It was built by us [referring to Freeway] I want to create benefits for people and reward them for it.

On another occasion, Matt Spangard, CTO of Freeway, in a promotional video from July 12, 2021, also said: “It doesn’t matter if the market is going up or down, you’re always getting a little bit more of what we already have,”

FatMan claims that Freeway deleted all names of team members from their website after they stopped the withdrawal. Addressing this scandalous activity of Freeway, FatMan stated in a post to not forget “the scammers” referring to the top-tier team members of Freeway.

Moreover, FatMan mentions that he’ll be surprised if one of them would not get plastic surgery.

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