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CashApp adds support for Bitcoin Lightning Network By Cointelegraph

CashApp adds support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

According to a new webpage Additional to its support section on Oct. 25, Cash App — a mobile phone payment processing app created by Block Inc. — has added support for transactions via the Lightning Network. Cash App users now have the ability to send and get Bitcoin (via the Lightning network).BTC) on the faster, more efficient layer-2 protocol. Lightning is ideal for small transactions. It has a fast processing time, which is comparable to the minutes to hours required for Bitcoin blockchain transactions.

Cash App had previously supported Bitcoin transactions on Lightning Network, but only in a limited capacity. Users could only scan Lightning QR codes to pay invoices. All Cash App transactions that involve QR codes will now default to Lightning, unless otherwise stated. This feature is only available to US customers and not residents of New York. It has a $999 transaction limit every seven days.