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Cardano Eyes 1 billion Users With Upcoming MultiChain wallet Lace by CoinEdition

Cardano Eyes 1 Billillion Users With Upcoming MultiChain wallet Lace
  • introduces new multi-chain wallet dubbed Lace.
  • Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the wallet, hopes that it will help the ecosystem reach a billion users.
  • Lace will have cross-chain capabilities.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of smart contract platform Cardano (ADA), and believes that a new cryptocurrency wallet could help the network reach a half a billion users. In an interview with the Big Pey podcast, Hoskinson has predicted that the new Lace wallet will bring in hordes of new users for the (ETH) competitor’s ecosystem.

Lace is a lightweight multichain crypto wallet that was created by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a Cardano developer. It promises to seamlessly link all Web2 and Web3 transactions to a single interface.

Lace users would also be eligible to use decentralized IDs, which are credentials that can easily be verified and linked to the cryptocurrency wallet.

The new wallet is still under development, but once it is released, it will serve as the “world’s financial operating system.” With Lace, users will have access to a plethora of novel use cases, NFTs, DeFi protocols, on-chain games, and more.

Cardano’s new cryptocurrency wallet is a game changer. It unifies identities, transactions and apps into one, simplified experience. Hoskinson said Lace is a blend of cutting-edge and legacy technology.

Hoskinson commented on the development:

Lace is now a product that is being introduced to the market. It’s one of our first commercial B2C (business-to-consumer) products, and so it’s not a reference client. It’s not like Daedalus, which is a neutral playground, but rather, this is IOG’s view of how crypto ought to be done, and our hope is that it’s going to kind of push along the standards for our entire ecosystem.

Hoskinson claims that Lace is a cross chain wallet that can store digital asset from a variety o blockchains. It also has a browser-based interface, which will soon be ported to mobile devices.

Although the demo stage of the cryptocurrency wallet is now complete, Hoskinson did not specify any timelines.

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