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Bitboy Calls SBF Criminal as Duo’s Rivalry Flow Through Tweets By CoinEdition

© Stocksak Bitboy Calls SBF Criminal as Duo’s Rivalry Flow Through Tweets
  • Bitboy, a crypto Youtuber, condemns FTX CEO and shares a tweet calling him a criminal.
  • When FTX was asked about the most recent acquisition plan, Coinbase (NASDAQ:), Coinbase was named.
  • FTX was founded by SBF in 2019 and has been making acquisitions ever since.

Ben Armstrong, a famous crypto Youtuber, has made another accusation against Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX CEO. Bitboy sent a tweet calling SBF a criminal yesterday and accusing him in a tweet of wanting to take over the entire crypto space.

The FTX head recently mentioned Coinbase during the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live Conference while asked about the future acquisition plans. He had shared his thoughts about Coinbase acquisition with Bankman-Fried. He hinted that Coinbase has some 20x users compared to FTX and that the latter could use Coinbase’s broader appeal.

FTX was created by Sam Bankman Fried, a billionaire and former Wall Street Trader. It has been making acquisitions since then and grabbing deals. FTX acquired a 7.6% share in Robinhood (NASDAQ 🙂 earlier in the year. The firm has invested in numerous companies, including BlockFi Capital and SkyBridge Capital.

Bankman-Fried was unable to invest in Twitter this fiscal year. According to reports, Bankman-Fried expressed strong interest in financing during private messages that were revealed in the lawsuit against Musk.

The Bitboy Crypto founder has criticized FTX CEO before. Armstrong had previously condemned Bankman Fried and admitted to trying to whistleblow about the plans he had regarding the BitLicense created by Bankman Fried in the United States. Armstrong says BitLicense will render decentralized transactions illegal. He strongly disagrees with this statement.

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