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By Maytaal Angel

LONDON, Stocksak – A new bar was launched by Barry Callebaut in Switzerland on Thursday. The result of more 20 years of research into cocoa bean production.

According to the world’s largest chocolatier, its “second generation” chocolate will contain around half as much sugar than traditional chocolate. This is due to a new method of growing, fermenting, and roasting cocoa beans. It also reduces their bitter taste.

Analysts said that the product will also use 60-80% more cocoa and appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Jon Cox, Kepler Cheuvreux analyst said, “Anything cutting down sugar or using simpler, more efficient recipes is going to have a positive impact on consumer and corporate demand.”

The chocolate giant, which supplies many of the world’s most popular consumer brands, said that its new chocolate was tested in America, Britain, and China by MMR. It was found to have high consumer appeal.

“By applying (new chocolate-making principles), Barry Callebaut can redefine chocolate completely: “Putting cacao first, sugar last,” the company stated in a statement regarding the product launch.

Industry experts stated that the innovation could eventually lead to an increase in global cocoa consumption.

“It’s really good for cocoa consumption and the price outlook. However, I believe we are talking about years and not months,” stated a London-based consultant.

The world’s cocoa prices are four times higher than sugar.

    The new chocolate is more expensive to produce and might be priced slightly higher than regular chocolate, a Barry Callebaut spokesperson said. However, it could be sold in smaller quantities and is not targeted at high-end customers.

Barry Callebaut ingredients are used in nearly one million tonnes of chocolate and cocoa products worldwide. The group also processes about a fifth the global volume.

Barry Callebaut has launched healthier alternatives since 2017, including “ruby” and “wholefruit” chocolates, as well as a cocoa-based beverage called “Elix”, with various degrees of success.

    It generally takes between a year or two for a new product to go from launch to supermarket shelves.

Tedd George, a commodities expert and founder at Kleos Advisory, stated that Barry Callebaut’s approach “fits the way the market is going.” “Sugar will soon be the new tobacco.” As the legislation against sugar in food becomes more strict, this will affect how chocolate is made.

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