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53% of Voters Believe Crypto is the Future of Finance: Grayscale Survey By CoinEdition

Grayscale Poll: Crypto is Future of Finance: 53% of Voters
  • According to Grayscale, 79% of American adults felt that there needed to be more regulation on cryptocurrency.
  • 76% of respondents added that clear rules should be implemented by government.
  • According to the survey, more investors will enter crypto if regulations are in place.

Grayscale polled almost 79% of American adults to determine if crypto space should be more subject to regulation.

The survey was done to assess the need for new rules for cryptocurrency trading. Interestingly, almost 76% of the voters advocated for “clear rules” for cryptocurrency trading.

The Harris Poll gave a summary of the survey and stated that crypto should be available to everyone.

Strong support exists for U.S. cryptocurrency regulation. Americans want clear rules and regulations. They suggest that the regulation should be consumer-focused in order to ensure crypto is available to everyone

The survey showed that the respondents had less trust in cryptocurrencies than traditional investment tools or fiat systems. 84% supported traditional investment tools such as stocks and bonds, claiming they trusted them. 51% however indicated that they trust cryptocurrencies.

Almost half of respondents said they trust politicians and the government. To add, more than half of the voters, almost 53%, voted to share their belief that crypto is the “future of finance”.

The survey found that more investors would be available in crypto if the government implemented more regulations. 57% of voters said that crypto would make them more comfortable.

The poll measured the percentage of people who have different crypto coins. One-fifth of those polled owned coins such as bitcoins, ether, and dogecoins, while only 6% owned NFTs.

The voters split their analysis of the US’s position in regards to maintaining regulations in the crypto sector. 40% believed that the US is in line with other countries regarding its regulations, making it safe to trade crypto. However, 39% said that the US is “far behind” other countries in its crypto regulations. 6% also said that the US is more advanced than many countries in terms of crypto regulation.

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