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By Liz Moyer — Stocks rebounded Monday as investors awaited big tech earnings.

After indications that some Federal Reserve officials believe there is a slowing of interest rate increases following the November meeting, investors have been encouraged by Fed officials to reenter riskier investments such as growth stocks. The Fed has increased its benchmark rate dramatically since spring. It will increase it by 0.75 percent next week, before possibly returning to lower rates in December.

Slowing global growth has had a negative impact on stocks and oil prices. China stocks plunged Monday after Xi Jinping won his third term. This pressured a number American companies with operations in China.

Investors will begin to receive outlooks and earnings reports from Alphabet and Microsoft (NASDAQ;), as well as other tech companies, starting tomorrow. The Fed closely monitors data on and inflation data this week as it heads into next Tuesday’s two-day policy meeting.

These are three things that could impact markets tomorrow:

1. Earnings from Alphabet

Google parent Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:) reports earnings of $1.28 a Share on $71.3 Billion in revenue. Analysts will listen to what it has got to say about digital advertising following Snap (NYSE)’s weak fourth quarter.

2. Coca-Cola earnings

Beverage giant Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:) is expected report earnings per share at 64 cents for revenue of $10.5 billion. However, analysts will be paying attention to what it has to say about costs, margins, and consumer preferences.

3. Earnings at UPS

Logistics giant United Parcel Service Inc (NYSE 🙂 is expected report earnings of $2.86 per share for revenue of $24.4 million. Analysts will be watching to see what Service Inc has to say about holiday pricing and shipping volumes.

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